Why MDA?

Kristine, the founder of Embrace THAT Mom, grew up with a father who has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. His bravery, courage, and unconditional love is what drives her every single day.

As a mom, she can only imagine the heartache (and joy) of being the mom of a child with an incurable disease.

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A few words about​


” At MDA, we take a big-picture perspective across the full spectrum of neuromuscular diseases to uncover breakthroughs that accelerate treatments and cures. The power in our research approach is that we can often apply learnings from one disease to achieve progress in others to bring urgently needed answers to our families.”

MDA is a non-profit organization you may remember as the annual telethons from long ago with “Jerry’s Kids”. While these diseases affect adults and children alike, early onset neuromuscular diseases are devastating to families who are faced with a life-long battle.
MDA is in no way associated with Embrace THAT Mom, we merely support this cause.

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MDA Contributions

By making a purchase through Embrace THAT Mom, you are also making a donation to MDA. 10% of all proceeds from this shop are donated to MDA monthly.

You can also donate directly to MDA if you want to help support those living with neuromuscular diseases.